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For most of my life I’ve been a dedicated educator, creative artist and designer. I particularly enjoy the cycle of learning, teaching and creating. Currently I am focused on teaching and advising creative students at Orange Coast College in the DMAD and Architecture departments.

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Orange Coast College

Digital Media Art and Design Dept.

Rapid Illustration Techniques (DMAD 117)

I approach this class as a blend of a traditional Viz Com class with a survey of illustration styles for different creative industries. In particular I like to include industries that my students are excited to work in such as Entertainment Concept Art, Gaming, Industrial Design and Graphic Design. Please see examples of class work in this short video (Left) where you see each assignment we work on throughout the semester.

I’ve found that my very broad creative experience in multiple design disciplines such as Concept Art, Illustration, Website Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Set Design and Video Production has given me the expertise to advise and train students for these various fields. This experience has really helped me reach and relate to the variety of students I see in the DMAD and Art departments at OCC.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Sketchup



Orange Coast College Architecture Department

Architectural Drawing and Design Visualization 1 & 2 (Arch 105 & 205)
Portfolio Graphic Design (Arch 165)

In Arch 105 and 205 I teach students how approach and think about design and then how to communicate their designs using industry graphic conventions. I lead students through a variety of methods and media including 3D models, traditional models, pens, pencils, markers, watercolor and graphics software. My goal is to set my students up for success in communicating their design work both in future studio classes and in their professional life.

Continuing to support and guide my students outside of the classroom is important so I am involved in both the OCC Illustration and Architecture clubs as well as continuing the dialog through a dedicated Facebook page for students and alumni. Through these groups I have led field trips to studios and schools in Los Angeles as well as tours of downtown LA, the Huntington Gardens and the Getty Center. Currently I am arranging a field trip to Blizzard Entertainment for January of 2016.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketchup.



Coastline Community College

Art Department

ART C120 Drawing 1

ART C130 Experimental Drawing

In 2014 I led a group of students in an exceptional life experience of learning to draw while living in the most influential creative and historic city: Rome. My goal was to not only teach them how to draw and paint but open their hearts and minds to an expanded world view of other cultures and their historical influences.

In addition to designing the curriculum and teaching the students various drawing techniques on location and in the classroom, I researched, organized, coordinated and marketed the study abroad program. This included creating websites for marketing, blogging and community building, creating videos, logos, graphics and print work. The program ended up being such an over-the-top success that I hope to repeat it again soon.

Software: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie

Rome Program Info
Student Experience Blog
Student Photo Video
Personal Family Blog



Website Design

Atomic Blue Website and Digital Illustration Agency

Atomic Blue is my website design company I have been directing for 15 years serving businesses and nonprofits both large and small from The Walt Disney Company and Oakley to local Mom and Pops. We create HTML Sites, CMS driven sites, HTML email, digital illustrations and infographics. You can find much more about what Atomic Blue does and see examples at AtomicBlueDesign.com.

Software: Software: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Hype

Content Management Systems: WordPress, Expression Engine


Concept Art & Architectural Illustration

Real Color Architectural Marketing Graphics

Real Color is the Illustration studio I run alongside Atomic Blue. Real Color is focused on serving Developers, Architects, Builders, Event Planners and Marketing Consultants in the building industry. I create concept art, architectural illustrations and marketing graphics to help clients visualize and market their ideas. You can discover more about Real Color at RealColorStudio.com.

Software: Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Personal Work

I love creating beautiful things solely so that others and I can enjoy them. I don’t publish or show my work professionally. The reward is in the process and the work.

One constant love has been location sketching. Most recently, I painted a sketchbook full of watercolors from spending a month in Italy. Location sketching helps me see and understand a place in a way I can’t in my studio. I need to do more.

I especially enjoy taking on new challenges that involve learning new methods and techniques. I consider this adding to my tool kit and giving me more to pass on to my students. I can’t think of a media I haven’t had fun experimenting in. You can see some examples below. 



About Chris

I grew up nearby in Huntington Beach and now live with my wife, son and daughter in Costa Mesa with my extended family just minutes away. For my family and I, exploring the world around us is important so we have alternated camping throughout the national parks in the West and visiting some of the major metropolitan cities such as London, Rome, Venice, New York and San Francisco.


Education is also a core value for my family. My wife and I are both educators and my son and daughter are top students each year at their schools. We both like to contribute by volunteering our time for our local school foundations. My goal is to transition away from my design businesses in order to be a full-time educator.



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